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Benefits of a Frac Tank

 Our tanks have the ability to store a large amount of liquids.  You can combine the tanks with on site devices such as pumps and filters.  Your desired tank could have the capability of maintaining the viscosity of liquids, separation of your liquids and simplify the filling & draining process.  At Southern Frac we will […]

How To Avoid An Incident

Monday January 20, 2020   Incidents & How To Avoid Them Is Simple – Sky track, Forklift, and Cranes   Slow down while using forklift Use horn by every entrance in or out of buildings Visual inspect all equipment before each use Report any damages


SWPPP & SPCCC   Know where your spill kit is located Contain spills Notify supervisor/HSE Clean area Proper disposal Document   Forklifts – Operators should always watch their speed around corners & inside as well.   Speed limit is 5 miles per hour when carrying a load Honk the horn before entering or exiting the […]

Safety Inspections Are Key!

Safety Inspections – Inspect all equipment   Always double check everything before start of work Forklifts, machines, Presses, power tools, pneumatic tools, and hand tools Inspect PPE – hardhats, safety glasses, gloves, face shield, welding hoods, FR sleeves and work shoes/boots Welding equipment, oxygen, acetylene bottles, connectors, electrical connectors, flash arrestors, hoses, and gages

Think Safe Work Safe Be Safe

Southern Frac is serious when it comes to safety in the workplace. It’s not only the law but the foundation for protecting our valuable team members. Each week after the safety meeting you can check the blog to refresh yourself on what we discussed. Today we discussed the Do’s and Don’ts when using portable step […]

What’s New Around Here

You may have noticed some big changes happening at Our website is getting a bunch of new updates going into the New Year. We just added a Blog which will give you a ton of important information about all that we do here at Southern Frac. It’s a great tool as well for our […]